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Details on the installation steps of screw hoist

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     1st, The screw hoist machine installation must keep the base foundation layout plane level 180 degree; Hoist the contact area in the plane of the base and basic layout to achieve more than 90%; Screw axis vertical on the brake to measure water level; With disc hanging ear canal and vertical, to avoid the screw tilt, the local stress and damage parts.
     2nd, Puts manual screw hoist installation location.Put a limit set on the screw, the screw from the bottom of the beam screwing in the machine, after the screw from the top of the machine above, combined ceiling plate.The bottom of the screw connected to the gate.
    3rd, to install hoist must firmly security.Base and basic component of concrete, the provisions of the casting, according to the drawing in the concrete strength did not meet the design strength, are not allowed to be removed and change the temporary support hoist, more should try to reconcile the test run.
    4th, according to the center line of the gate lifting when installation, alignment center make the horizontal centerline deviation not more than plus or minus 3 mm, height deviation not more than plus or minus 5 mm.Then the second phase of pouring concrete or connected to the embedded steel plate.
    5th, installation of electrical equipment for the product, must comply with the provisions of the drawings and specifications, all electrical equipment are reliable grounding.
    6tg, the product installed, to the machine to clean, repair of damaged protective paint, filling grease.

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