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Screw Hoist

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    Screw hoist is also called the screw hoist, is a kind of screw rod directly or through guide slide block, connecting rod connected to the gate door leaf, screw moved up and down to open/close the machinery of the gate. With multiple screw hoist specification: QL flashlight dual-use type screw hoist, LQ hand straight association-like screw hoist, LQ type hoist, fully enclosed opening and closing machine, etc.
    Xinhe shuixing hydraulic machinery factory provide screw hoist, gate, screw hoist and other products processing services, xinhe shuixing research in the field of machining screw open and close the more than 10 years, rich experience. Special processing industries involved in water conservancy engineering machinery, used equipment dedicated hydraulic engineering machinery and equipment, suitable for each big factory, machinery and chemical industry, applicable to occasions each big factory, mechanical chemical industry. The customers in need can come to factory inspection, the address is in hebei xinhe industrial park.
The screw hoist products detailed information is as follows:
Sales: direct manufacturers Can also be wholesale agent
Complete color:
Product name: screw hoist
Specification: 10 kn-830 kn
    Purpose: is a kind of special hydraulic engineering machinery, widely used in all kinds of water conservancy project, control the height of gate crane hoisting machinery, irrigation, aquaculture, agriculture economic development zone, sewage treatment plant, water conservancy, power stations, reservoirs, rivers, sluices, DAMS, channels, culverts, pipe), the water sluices form a complete set of machinery, such as mountains, plains, without electricity, all can use.
Pattern: solid
Applicable occasions: sewage treatment, environmental protection equipment
Freight: self-care
Payment terms: payment online
Logistics: freight
Brand: shuixing
Model: QL - SD1
Applicable industry: special machine for water conservancy projects
Theory and the cultivation of practical skills. Follow a gradual to each big factory, mechanical chemical industry teaching from basic to advanced design concept.
Service details are as follows:
Our factory has a professional after-sales service team.
Free provide consultation service for screw hoist problems related to 3 years;
Related information only screw hoist the xinhe shuixing designated website information shall prevail.
Screw hoist sales in various provinces and regions, etc.
    When using screw hoist products please in strict accordance with the instruction manual method to use.
    Our products are very popular in in Beijing; Chongqing and other places, now we xinhe shuixing hydraulic machinery factory is very famous in hebei xingtai xinhe has also.Do is enterprise by quality, service, interested friends can log in our company website, leave your contact information, or call the us 4006771456, we will sincerely service for you.
Of course, our company has other good products, such as: the gate
    The screw hoist iron gate Decontamination machine, stretch out a series of problems from these products, we also through the market survey shows the corresponding reply, we welcome the broad masses of customers to more we put forward a variety of shortage, we can do better.

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