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Xinhe shuixing supply special price winding hoist

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     Our company production of winding hoist support only land; The way of logistics of railway transportation, support bank transfer; Online payment; Face to face; Payment in cash on delivery payment, once you payment, we will deliver goods within ten days. If your product appears the problem of non-artificial factors, we will repair for you.
      Xinhe mercury mainly steel material winding hoist machinery, metal products production primarily, its main use is the water conservancy project of steel gate opening and closing. Product type many, mainly KG - 23123, weight 2000 KG, can according to customer's requirements.
     In you buy xinhe mercury after winding hoist, we will to land; Logistics of railway transportation way to transport the goods to you, the main material of our products is steel, and also provide 3 years warranty, is that you can be rest assured to buy mechanical hardware tools products.
     Xinhe mercury hydraulic machinery factory is a professional company, traditional mechanical hardware tools production in hebei province is located in the beautiful xinhe industrial park, convenient transportation. Xinhe mercury was founded in 2012-08-06, several years of hard development, eventually reach an annual 500000 yuan a year now, cohesion has trained a large number of technical personnel and management team. In mechanical hardware tools industry development, we primarily to each big factory, mechanical chemical provide winding hoist and other industrial products.
    Applicable industry: special machine for water conservancy projects
    Applicable occasions: each big factories, machinery and chemical industry
    Xinhe mercury hydraulic machinery factory is located in hebei xinhe industrial park, is a focus on the winding hoist production and research and development of integrated companies. Many big factories, machinery and chemicals on the quality of the products and services we provide are very satisfied, if you want to buy high quality lifting hoist, welcome to xinhe mercury, we have related professionals to introduce our products to you.

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